Roadside Billboard Advertising

Reach more people, more often, at a lower cost than other media.

Why use traditional billboard advertising?

  • Roadside billboard advertising is big, bold and dynamic and offers constant repetitive exposure 24 hours a day, for as long as you want.
  • All of our advertising sites are positioned in locations where high volumes of commuters pass by every day.
  • Billboards are very effective at reaching mass audiences, including the elusive young male demographic.
  • We’re regularly adding to our portfolio of sites across the UK, giving our customers a greater choice of advertising spaces.

Billboard Sizes

96 Sheet Billboard

96 Sheet Billboards (10ft x 40ft)

The largest standard size of hoarding, our 96 Sheet Billboards are available in several prominent locations on major thoroughfares and arterial roads.

Prices from:

  • £250.00 per/week
  • £250.00 printing
96 Sheet Billboard

48 Sheet Billboards (10ft x 20ft)

Build brand awareness and guarantee great exposure for your advertising with our 48 Sheet Billboards.

Prices from:

  • £140.00 per/week
  • £125.00 printing
96 Sheet Billboard

32 Sheet Billboards (10ft x 15ft)

A striking design on one of our mid-sized 32 Sheet Billboards will have the desired effect of promoting your brand on a broad canvas.

Prices from:

  • £120.00 per/week
  • £110.00 printing
96 Sheet Billboard

16 Sheet Billboards (10ft x 6ft)

Our great value 16 Sheet Billboards are situated in prime locations with high footfall and slow-moving traffic.

Prices from:

  • £100.00 per/week
  • £100.00 printing
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